Border opens to fully vaccinated US travellers August 9, 2021.

Starting Aug. 9 at 12:01 a.m. ET. — fully vaccinated U.S. citizens and permanent residents living in that country will be able to visit Canada without having to quarantine for two weeks.


Update July 19, 2021

A government official speaking on background to journalists today said that, as of Aug. 9, children under 12 — who aren't yet approved to receive a vaccine — will be exempt from the quarantine requirement after entering Canada and can move around with their parents if they follow public health measures.

Adults entering will need to present proof (in either English or French) that they've received a complete round of one of the vaccines approved for use in Canada. That means two doses of either the Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca products, or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, at least 14 days before arriving.

All travellers must use the government's ArriveCAN portal to submit their information. If they meet the government's criteria, they will not have to quarantine upon arrival in Canada.

US visitors would also have to follow provincial and territorial public health measures.

Travellers will still need to get a COVID-19 molecular test result before they arrive in Canada.

However, the government announced today that it plans to launch a new surveillance program at airports and land border crossings starting Aug. 9. Fully vaccinated individuals will not need a post-arrival test unless they have been randomly selected to complete a COVID-19 molecular test. "This strategy allows the government of Canada to continue monitoring variants of concern in Canada and vaccine effectiveness," says a government news release.

Even if they think they will be exempt, all fully vaccinated travellers will still need to have a quarantine plan in case a border official finds they do not meet the necessary requirements.

Pickerel Arm Camp will provide further updates if there are any changes to the requirements by either Canada's government or the United States' government.

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Update: July 21, 2021

For some further clarification on entering Canada on or after August 9th. You will need a molecular PCR Covid test. This test needs to be taken 72 hours or less prior to crossing the border. For example: if you take your PCR test at exactly noon on Wednesday, you have to have the results back from the lab, and cross the border into Canada no later than noon that Saturday. You cannot cross the border even a minute over 72 hours from the time you took your PCR test. The 72 hour countdown starts the minute you take the test.

We recommend you call your local hospital and setup a PCR test appointment as soon as you know your travel arrangements. Also some local pharmacies offer PCR testing. Be sure to tell them you need your results within 24 to 48 hours. This will give you a day’s travel time to get to the Canadian border.

Regarding re-entry to get back into the United States from Canada. As long as you are an American citizen, you will be able to return home with nothing more than your passport. You do not need a PCR test or vaccine card to get back home into the United States.

Pickerel Arm Camp will provide further updates if there are any changes to the requirements by either Canada's government or the United States' government.

For Canada Portal website - click here:

For the Mobile Phone APP regarding Canada Portal - click here :

Update: July 23, 2021 - Morning

Some more clarification regarding the rules of entry into Canada. Canada does NOT allow the rapid covid test that can get you results in a few hours or less. You have to take the Molecular PCR covid test. This is the Covid test that takes longer to process and results arrive in 24hrs, to maybe 48 hrs. or more depending on where you get tested. Every city and lab can have various result times. You need to call them ahead and set up an appointment, and let them know it is the PCR test and that you have to have the results in 24 hrs. if possible.

Children age 12 and up need to be vaccinated to enter Canada. Only children age 11 and under do not need the vaccination. Also, visitors need to be sure and have all their documents ready when they get to the window. Vaccination cards, negative PCR covid test.

Also, regarding the ArriveCAN portal that everybody needs to register with online before arrival. You can start your ArriveCAN portal registry early, but you will not be able to put in your travel dates until 72 hours or less from the time you plan to enter Canada. This is a separate process from taking the covid PCR test. The ArriveCAN portal link and mobile app info is on our previous posts and also on our website at WWW.PICKERELARM.COM

You may want to start your ArriveCAN portal registration now, save that information, and then a couple days before you plan to enter Canada go back and complete the ArriveCAN process.

Thank you,

Pickerel Arm Camp

Update: July 23, 2021 - Afternoon

More clarification on the ArriveCAN portal. As mentioned in the previous update, you can start your process of registering on the ArriveCAN portal as soon as you wish. But you won’t be able to complete it completely until you are within 72 hours of your trip. Here is what you will need to do once you are able to complete the ArriveCAN portal. After you put in the date you will be entering Canada, it is going to ask you if you have accommodations to quarantine at should you contact Covid while you are in Canada. You need to give them our camp address. Our address is: 5105 Hwy. 72 Sioux Lookout Ont. P8T1A8. You will also need your passport or enhanced driver’s license and vaccination information handy. It will ask for your passport number and vaccine information.

If somebody – god forbid – should get covid while on the trip. You can quarantine in a spare log cabin that we have up the hill behind camp. We use it as an overnight bunkhouse from time to time. It would be fine to stay in should you have to.

Also, I have been getting lots of good news from people setting up their PCR covid test appointments that many labs can get your results back to you in 24 hrs. So, If you call for your Covid test and they tell you it will take a few days, call somewhere else to book an appointment.

And lastly – please share with anybody you know that the US border still being closed to non-essential travel until August 21st only applies to people from outside the United States. If you are a US citizen, you will have no problem returning back home after your trip. You just need your passport to get back into the USA.

Update: August 6, 2021 - Afternoon

Children age 12 and up need to be vaccinated to enter Canada. Only children age 11 and under do not need the vaccination. Also, visitors need to be sure and have all their documents ready when they get to the window. Vaccination cards, negative PCR covid test.

Update: August 7, 2021 - Afternoon

The Canadian border guards have reached a tentative agreement to avert a strike so the border should run smoothly upon your arrival.

Please see the news article at

Thank you,

Pickerel Arm Camp

Update: August 8, 2021 - Evening

The Canadian border guards have reached a tentative agreement to avert a strike so the border should run smoothly upon your arrival.

More details on the covid tests and ArriveCan App.

Regarding the required molecular PCR test, there are several types of lab tests that are accepted by health Canada for entry into Canada. The link will be down at the bottom of this update.

I spoke with health Canada and they said they do accept those other types of tests, but recommend the Molecular PCR tests. It’s the safest choice to make sure it will be accepted at your border entry.

Regarding the ArriveCan app that you need to log into. 1 person can input all the vaccination information for up to 7 addition people ( total of 8 people ) You must be traveling together and staying at the same location and cabin in Canada. They recommend doing it only for people traveling in the same vehicle crossing the border. Do not do it for your group of 8 and arrive in 2 or 3 separate cars at the border. Important to know : The person who enters the information for other travelers is responsible for all those that they registered, that person must answer all emails or calls they may get from health Canada, and have all those travelers information accessible if needed. And they must have the other person’s permission to do so. It really would work best to have each person do it separately, but, doing it as a group is a nice option for people helping others who don’t use computers often.

Interesting info to know - your ArriveCan information - if successful- will have your name and the letter “I” , as in India, after your name, along with a 6 digit number. When the border guards look at your ArriveCan info, they will be checking for your name – and for that letter “I” which stands for Immunized. If that’s not by your name, something is wrong.

When you get to the border window, you will need to have the following for each person:

Proof of negative Molecular PCR test, all the information, when you took it, and the proof of negative test results. Basically everything either emailed or handed to you when you took the test and the results after.

Original Vaccination records. Card, paperwork, or whatever you were given back when you got vaccinated.

ArriveCan portal registration information. ( Look for that letter “I” by your name )

You must retain all these records for 14 days after your trip.

They do allow electronic and paper copies. So if you got your negative PCR results on your phone while traveling, that is fine. No printout needed. Same for the ArriveCan info.

When I questioned Health Canada about the random people selected to take a post entry covid test I didn’t get much clarification. It is very random I guess. If you do get selected, they will give you a test kit. Bring it with you to camp. You will have to take a test with a nurse online. It is simple, they give you all the information you need in the kit. Basically you will log onto a website address they give you, and wait for a nurse. It will be done live. Via video call. It would be convenient if possible for each group to bring up a spare laptop, or ipad. Just in case somebody in the group gets selected. We have free wifi at basecamp. If you don’t have access to a laptop. We have 1 spare we can let people use here at camp.

Remember - you can get your covid PCR test at places like Walgreens etc. But many people have told me that places like that do not work on weekends. Or the labs don’t. And get slower results. Local clinics are faster. And open weekends etc. I have had many people tell me this over the last week.

Masks are still required in Canada. Wear it while at the border, and at any place you may stop at once in Canada.

Don’t forget your passports and to get fishing licenses online.

Here is that information regarding accepted types of covid tests. COVID-19 testing for travellers - Travel restrictions in Canada –

Thank you,

Pickerel Arm Camp


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